Saim Hann

Saim Hann – Warmasters Results

Dan and I attended Warmasters this weekend in Waterloo, Ontario – It&... Read More »

Saim Hann – WIP full army shot

BIG update – I went through a crazy painting and basing spree over th... Read More »

Saim Hann – Wave Serpent done!

I finished my Wave Serpent and Wraightguard, but the Wraithguard haven̵... Read More »


Saim Hann – Night Spinner Finished!

My plans for the weekend fell through so I had a lot more painting time on ... Read More »

Saim Hann – Vipers finished!

So, anyone who knows me knows I’m a big perfectionist, which when mix... Read More »

jetbikes_4 jetbikes_6 jetbikes_1 jetbikes_2 shining_spears jetbikes_5

Saim Hann – Jetbike unit markings done!

Check it out! 6 different units markings made using 3 different stencils. T... Read More »

IMG_20130811_163529 IMG_20130811_163529 IMG_20130811_175632 IMG_20130803_143836

Saim Hann tournament results

After the crazy burst of painting and assembling to get my Saim Hann army r... Read More »

crimson_hunter_final_2 crimson_hunter_final_3 crimson_hunter_final_4

Saim Hann – Finished Crimson Hunter

I was on VACATION all last week, and it was glorious! The reason I didnR... Read More »

one_night_painting pre_paint

Saim Hann – Vehicles almost done!

My wife and kids are away visiting family and although I miss them dearly i... Read More »

IMG_20130725_001117 IMG_20130725_001106 IMG_20130725_001156 IMG_20130725_001833 IMG_20130725_001529

Advanced Techniques – Curved Masks Part 2

Continuing from my Curved Mask tutorial, I used the same technique to make ... Read More »

IMG_20130724_232632 IMG_20130724_232708 IMG_20130724_235243

Advanced Techniques – Curved Mask Template

I ran into an interesting problem with my Saim Hann army – I need to ... Read More »

IMG_4912 IMG_4926 IMG_4928 IMG_4911

Saim Hann – Summer of Madness entry!

I was invited to participate in my local Game Workshop’s “Summe... Read More »

frosting frosting

Hobby Tip – How to fix “Frosting” from Varnish

After applying the decals to my vipers I airbrushed a matte varnish to remo... Read More »

IMG_4877_1 IMG_4881_1 IMG_4879_1 IMG_4880_1

Saim Hann – Viper update

I’ve been painting my vipers slowly over the last 2 weeks. Since I... Read More »

viper_gems_1 viper_gems_2

Saim Hann – Gemstones

I haven’t painted gemstones in several years, so I spent some time wa... Read More »


Next army – Saim Hann!

Now that my Deathguard are complete, I’m ready for a new army project... Read More »