Khador WIP

Just a quick WIP update to show the progress on my Khador. ALMOST done all ... Read More »

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Ironfangs Finished!

Ironfangs are done! Pics! Read More »

stormclad_sprue airbrushed_cgynar khador_battle_2

Gaming Weekend

Went to Mark’s place Saturday for a day of gaming – It was grea... Read More »

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WIP – Progress on Khador

I’ve made progress on my growing Khador army. Hoping by the end of th... Read More »

Khador Test Models + Epic Irusk

So, reviewing my Khador test model and his general lack of the distinct Kha... Read More »

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Warmachine Test Model

Here’s my first test model testing out my scheme idea for Khador. I l... Read More »

khador three tone painted khador assembled

Warmachine Starter Army – Khador!

Picked up a 2 player battle box at a board game shop in Toronto while visit... Read More »