My Grey Knights


My Grey Knight army was conceptualized a long time ago – I absolutely loved their models, though I couldn’t afford them at the time. I played several test games under their old codex and had a lot of fun with them, but never got around to buying my own army until right around the time the new codex was announced – At the time, a lot of the people with GK armies suddenly became willing to sell their models at a significant discount to make room for the new models, and I was was able to pick up quite a large lot of them for a price I could afford. I held on to them for a while longer before I started painting them too, until my financial situation got a little more stable and I was able to pick up some of the new models and some pretty forgeworld upgrades to make the army extra special. That was also around the time I got my airbrush, as this was the first army that I tried airbrushing on. The paint jobs aren’t going to win any Golden Daemon competitions or anything, but my army looks striking on the battlefield and I’m quite happy with how they turned out – And that’s all that matters to me!

Aside from having beautiful models, I’m also very lucky because I also love how they play – They’re a VERY elite army, you’ll find that there is very little you can’t beat in combat, however their very low numbers means they are very challenging to play because they are so unforgiving. I’m sure I could play a more forgiving variant, but I have a lot of fun with my list and I feel it’s a lot different than “what everyone else does”. Now that I think about it there’s a lot of really fun tactical options with this list. Librarians are awesome – Their psychic powers are quite useful (especially shrouding – Having a 3+ cover save really helps with the survivability problem, and is even better when combined with their Techmarine’s “bolster defenses” – For a 2+ coversave!). The Grand Master’s “Master Strategist” rule is fun too – in objective based games it helps give you more troops, and if that’s not needed the other options are pretty cool too – I personally thoroughly enjoy giving my Dreadknight the scout special rule, especially with his personal teleporter… Overall I think they’re a great army and I love playing them. Though I do pity my opponents sometimes when my Landraider or Storm Raven spews out a unit of paladins in their front lines – There are very few units that can put up a fight against a unit of Paladins.



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Purifiers (Support)

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Purifiers (assault)

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paladins paladins


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Inquisitor Hector Rex
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Grey Knight display board painted

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