Tutorial – Fixing warped resin

By tristanmitchell

One of the things I run into frequently is warped resin. People just chalk it up to poor quality and just assemble them and paint them without fixing the warp-age – However it’s not a question of quality, merely a flaw in packaging (plastic can warp too, if packaged poorly!)
And more importantly, it can be fixed very easily.
Simply heat the piece up by blowing a heat gun or hair drier directly at the source of the warp for a few seconds – Immediately after removing the heat, correct the warp manually by bending the piece into its proper position and hold it for about 10 seconds (or however long it takes for the resin to dry – normally very quick). That’s it! Simple!
I had to make over 20 corrections on weapons and leg positions using this method when I assembled my 18 yhetees for my Beastclaw Raider army!

The original piece (note the significant bend at the base of the ice sword)

Heat it up with a heat gun or hair dryer

Bend it into place immediately (obviously it will be hot, be careful not to burn yourself. The temperature to bend resin is lower than the temperature that will burn you, so if it is painful to touch just wait a few seconds for it to cool down).

After a few seconds the piece cools off and the warp has been corrected.

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