Gaming Weekend

By tristanmitchell

Went to Mark’s place Saturday for a day of gaming – It was great! We played 4 games of Warmachine and one game of 40k.

My brother also came down Friday for some painting and to pick up his latest order from our local shop – The newly released Cygnar Stormclad. When he opened it up, we were surprised to find PLASTIC SPRUES! This might be old news to some, but it wasn’t to us! Plastic sprues are a great improvement for Privateer Press and in my opinion was the missing link in the quality gap between their models and models produced by other companies.


The new Stormclad box contents – On sprues!

Ethan’s freshy airbrushed Cygnar

One of my battles against Mark

My battle at the Game Chamber’s league night vs some Trollbloods.

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