Saim Hann – Warmasters Results

By tristanmitchell

Dan and I attended Warmasters this weekend in Waterloo, Ontario – It’s one of the biggest and most competitive tournaments in southwestern Ontario.
I’m not 100% certain of the attendance numbers but I think there were 40+ teams in doubles, and ~58 players in singles over the two day event.
Day One was doubles – Dan and I played 4 games using my Saim Hann and his Tau. We won all 4, and won Best Overall for the day!
Day Two was singles- Dan played well, scoring 3 wins and a draw. I scored 3 wins and a loss. Unfortunately neither of us placed top two for prizes, but our excellent day one scores meant that Dan had the highest overall score for the two day event and won Best Overall for the whole event. I picked up Judges Choice for Best Painted too – An honor I’m actually REALLY proud of since this army is by far the best I’ve painted yet. It was very rewarding to have that effort recognized (even if somewhat surprising – There were better painted armies at the competition but the prize policy prevents anyone from winning multiple prizes – The competitors with better painted armies had already won other awards – Leaving me as top contender for the award!).

Here’s my army and my winnings!

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  1. Clarence November 11, 2013, 2:55 pm

    Congratulations dude! London representing in 2013 for sure!


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