Saim Hann tournament results

By tristanmitchell

After the crazy burst of painting and assembling to get my Saim Hann army ready for tournament use, I took them to a 2000 and 1600 point tournament on August 3rd and 11th respectively.
My 2k list:
Autarch with Jetbike, Fusion gun, Banshee mask
Farseer with Jetbike, Singing spear
5×6 Jetbikes with 2 cannons each
1×5 Shining spears with Exarch with Star Lance, Hit and Run and Monster Hunter
2 Night Spinners
5 Wraithguard with D-Scythes and a Wave Serpent with Twin Linked Scatter Laser and Holofields
2 Vipers with double Cannons
2 War Walkers with double Scatter Lasers
Crimson hunter

My 1600 point list is the exact same as the 2k list, but removes the Vipers, 1 Night Spinner and 1.5 units of jetbikes (so there’s 4 squads but the 4th squad only has 3 bikes and sits in reserve).

I’ve played several test games and though I didn’t always win, I learned a lot about the army and how it needs to be played to be successful – The result was a very successful tournament performance! I placed 2nd place in the 2000 point tournament, missing out on first place only because my record was a Massacre, Massacre, Major victory and the first place player had three massacres! Then at the 1600 point tournament I pulled the three massacres myself and won first place!

Note the deployment strategies for drop pod/Death wing assault defense!

I’ve got a bit of prize money that needs to be spent… I’m eying up the new Space Marine leaked models!

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