Saim Hann – Summer of Madness entry!

By tristanmitchell

I was invited to participate in my local Game Workshop’s “Summer of Madness” event this summer – A contest to build, paint, and play with a new army as quickly as possible. Since I have to get this entire Saim Hann army done for Warmaster’s Challenge in September, I’m going to enter it in Summer of Madness and see if I can contend for the ‘Best Painted’ or ‘Most Painted’ title too!

That said, my progress so far has been good – All 42 jetbikes have been dissembled, stripped, and cleaned (about half of the bikes were second hand, so had to be cleaned up). This process took the longest by far!
I’ve also assembled the main chassis and the back fins – This was as far as I could go before having to stop. I’ll finish assembly after painting.
I undercoated with Vallejo’s white undercoat, and then base-coated with a thinned Vallejo Red.
So far so good!
Hopefully over the next couple days I’ll be able to finish up the airbrush work and get these bad boys assembled so I can use the actual models for my practice games (I’ve been using proxies for a while now which gets me a lot of funny looks from bystanders)

NOTE – One of the techniques I used for speed-painting this army is an “assembly line” type set up for under and base coating. I put some strips of tape down upside down on some cardboard boxes and taped all the models to them for airbrushing. This allowed me to undercoat and base all 42 models in a span of only a few hours!


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  1. Russell July 31, 2013, 10:26 pm

    My elysian will give you a run for your money!


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