Next army – Saim Hann!

By tristanmitchell

Now that my Deathguard are complete, I’m ready for a new army project! It needs to be a tournament army as my Grey Knights didn’t fair too well in their last outing (though, to be fair, my list wasn’t as competitive as it could have been), and I’d like to have something that can complete for a top finish in the painting competitions at the bigger tournaments I attend in the fall. Luckily, I got a fantastic Father’s Day gift from my wife and kids – A new dual action, gravity fed airbrush (glorious improvement over my bottle fed, single action one!), so that should help improve my painting quality.

I’ve had a Saim Hann army in my closet for a few months now… Actually, a couple years if you count the Windrider Host I bought, re-sold, and bought back! Now that the Eldar book is finally out it’s a perfect time to move my Saim Hann closet army into production.
I think my Saim Hann army is a perfect candidate for competitive tournament play, and scoring well in painting competitions – I plan on doing some real fancy gradients and mask work with this army, and their recent book means they should be on par with the other 6th ed books.

Since I’ve never used a dual action airbrush, I’ve been reading and watching a lot of tutorials to learn some more advanced techniques to help accelerate the learning curve. I did a test model to put those techniques into action and I’m very happy with it – Almost a bit disappointed it’s only a test model! I was focusing on masking and highlighting/shading.
Check it out:

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  1. Joe July 3, 2013, 8:06 pm

    Looks great cant wait to battle them and send them back to their craft world where they belong lol.


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