Hobby Tip – How to fix “Frosting” from Varnish

By tristanmitchell

After applying the decals to my vipers I airbrushed a matte varnish to remove the glossy effect that decals have. After spraying on the varnish with my airbrush and letting it dry I was horrified to see a weird “frosting” effect on all the models that made them look like they were covered in a thin layer of white ‘frost’.
I freaked out and immediately started googling for solutions. The most common solution I found was to “spray another coat”. So I tried that. Twice. Didn’t work. I kept searching, and eventually found another suggestion – Just brush on a coat of varnish by hand. I was desperate at this point so was willing to try anything- It worked!

Before (left) and after (right) photo:

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