Advanced Techniques – Curved Masks Part 2

By tristanmitchell

Continuing from my Curved Mask tutorial, I used the same technique to make curved unit striping masks. This allowed me to paint the markings very quickly, but more importantly ensured the pattern was placed at the exact same spot on each model.
The big difference this time was that when I was making the mold I had to make sure to extend the blue stuff around past the edge of the model, since the design I would be cutting into it would run across the entire hull and if I didn’t extend the mold it would result in cutting it in half. Check out the pictures to see what I mean.
Here are the steps:

Cutting the pattern into the mold

Here’s the look from the inside, to see what the stencil looks like

Placing the stencil on the Jetbike hull. It locks into place fairly snug.

Airbrush it black!

Remove the mask. Perfect!

And repeat…..

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