Truescale Deathguard – Typhus update!

By tristanmitchell

As wicked cool and bad-ass as Typhus is, I personally don’t find him worth the points in game – I prefer a Lord with Mark of Nurgle and Blight Grenades in my havoc squad – Keeps him (my warlord) relatively safe (away from combat at least) and gives the Havocs Fearless and Defensive Grenades.
However – He is the coolest Death Guard HQ, and as such, my army MUST have him! He’s just at the very end of the queue for models to be true-scaled…

So, 6 months after I finished truescaling my marines, I’m finally getting around to finishing up Typhus! I wasn’t happy with his pose or scythe, so I started by moving his legs and cutting one of his feet to bend at the toes. After I got his legs repositioned to stand a little higher and straighter, I started on the weapon. I used a Tyranid monstrous scything talon as the new ‘blade’, which actually worked really well. I also bent the weapon shaft a bit as the actual scythe reference images I looked up all had bend shafts.
The changes were pretty small, but overall I like the model much better now. I’m pretty sure I’m now going to have to force him into my army somehow… Even if just as a Lord in Terminator armour with a “Power Axe”.

Still lots of detail work to do (pipes, spikes, wounds, cloth wrap around weapon shaft, more pipes, terminator thigh-pads, etc) but I think I’m almost ready to remove the sticky tack and actually putty him together.


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