Grey Knight Tournament Display Board WIP

By tristanmitchell

This weekend is Conquest ! I’m running Grey Knights with Dan in doubles, and I’ll be bringing them to the singles event as well.
Since Conquest is the first tournament I’ve ever been to that had a painting requirement and score component, I wanted to make up a display board to boost my score. My Grey Knights are based for city fight, so I wanted to do some kind of blown out, rubble strewn city fight scene, with some height variance so the army is easily viewable (rear models aren’t obscured by the front ones).

I used a layer of blue insulation foam as the base, so I could dig out some big blast craters and score a tile pattern to add some more detail (all the black lines in the photo are the score lines – My pen ran out of ink before I could draw them all!)

To determine where I had space to add some blast craters or rubble, I set up my entire Grey Knight army (yes, my 3500+ points of GKs can fit on a 22″ by 17″ display board…) and drew circles in the unused space so I knew my rough ‘limits’. Then I just cut holes with an exacto knife or added chunks of Styrofoam to build mounds that would be rubble piles. Then I added two levels of elevated platforms with stairs leading up them, also made from Styrofoam to make blast work and scoring easier.


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