Grey Knight display board painted

By tristanmitchell

I forgot to take photos of the filler and flocking steps of the display board – I was in such a rush to get it finished!
Which is really too bad – there was a really important step there that I’ve never done before that was vital in how it turned out.
After using wall filler to fill in holes and build the mounds up, I had to glue on the sand/gravel to make the rubble and blast debris. I found that my traditional way of doing this (just brushing on glue and sprinkling on sand, then shaking it off) looked much too artificial – I thought to myself, “It looked much more natural when it was just the sprinkled sand – How can I retain that effect?”. So, I started thinking – What if I could sprinkle the sand on, to build naturally formed and shaped mounds, and then spray a layer of glue over top to lock it in place? I looked for some hairspray, by my wife didn’t have any… I tried loading my airbrush with some watered down PVA glue and spraying it on … That didn’t work (and clogged my airbrush pretty badly – I wouldn’t recommend it!). Then I found a bottle of Windex in my closet – I emptied the contents, and loaded it with watered down PVA glue. I had to water it down quite a bit to get the ‘misting’ spray effect, but it seemed to work well enough, and after a couple spray coats of the mixture and an overnight dry, the sprinkled sand stayed exactly where it was. This was the EXACT effect I wanted!
I was very careful when I painted it – I used my airbrush for the basecoat, and used a very soft brush for the drybrush coats – I didn’t want to scratch any of the sand off since it wasn’t glued down as firmly as normal. I did still lose some of the sand, but overall the effect was pretty much the best I could hope for.

I still need to add some detail work, like shell casings and blowing newspapers, but the majority of the board is done so I’m excited to show it off!


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