Truescale Deathguard – Custom Daemon Prince painted!

By tristanmitchell

I was able to get some painting time in over the long weekend and finished my last 5 Spawn (but they look almost identical to the first 5, so I’m not in a hurry to get pics up). I also got a good chunk of work done on the last 14 Death Guard models, and worked on the Daemon Prince at the same time. Yesterday night I only had a few hours so I didn’t want to get into another color for the infantry models as I figured I wouldn’t have enough time to do them all, so instead I decided to finish the Daemon Prince.

I did get him finished – But he took a lot longer than I expected! It’s a very detailed model with a lot of little details that I wasn’t used to with the Death Guard marines. I’m particularly happy with the sword detail and blood stains, as well as the blood splatters across the stomach, foot, and face.

Enough talk – PICS:

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