Truescale Deathguard – Plague bearers test model

By tristanmitchell

I got some more painting done late last week. I wanted to start with something easy (and encouraging) so I chose the plague bearers as there are only 20 of them and they should be relatively easy to paint since they’re fleshy (and thus would be mostly airbrushed/drybrushed/inked). That and I’m not actually sure what style I want to use on my Deathguard just yet.
Here’s the first two test models, I’m very happy with how they turned out, especially considering the time spend on each model. They are extremely fast to paint – Just a Castellan green airbrush basecoat, then airbrushed black horns (I really like how the smooth transition turned out) then a black ink wash, then drybrushed heavily with Death World Forest, then lightly with nurgling green.
The rusty blades are courtesy of Dan (seen in the warcouncil videos) – Chainmail base, stippled dark brown (I used Scorched but it could have been even darker), then lighter stipple of Scortched + orange, then an even light stipple of just pure Orange. Then an updsidedown brown ink (so it dries more uniformly instead of according to gravity). Lastly, another pure Orange light stipple and edging in pure Chainmail.
Then I painted all the wounds, teeth, and fingernails with an old foundation paint (Dheneb stone), and inked them brown. I also put some brown ink dripping down from their mouths and wounds – I intend to add some fresh gore there too but I couldn’t make any gore that I liked (I tried red ink, red paint… it never looked right) so I searched online and found this tutorial
that looks amazing. I ordered some of the paint they suggest (only to find out that it’s sold locally for the same price…) so I’ll leave that step for last and just focus on getting the unit done.
I still need a basing idea though… I had considered an iron red (like Mars) but decided against it so the gore effects will contrast better.
Right now I’m thinking a dark brown.


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