Scratch built Aegis

By tristanmitchell

Since the Aegis I normally use wasn’t available for my league games this week, I thought I’d try making one.
I glued 1″ styrofoam to four 5.5″x1″ pieces and four 2″x1″ peices, then shaved it down to little mounds of dirt. Then I rummaged through my bits box and grabbed whatever “defense line” type stuff I could find – A dozer blade, rhino hatches, track guards, etc. I cut them down to look like they were half buried, and then glued them into the mounds.
Next I cut some tiny stakes from balsa wood to use as barbed wire mounts, and sharpened several 1″ pieces of meat skewers to use as defensive spikes.
As a finishing touch I put on a couple corpses from the Space Marine Casualties blister. Here are some photos:



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