Tournament Recap: Game 2

By tristanmitchell

Here’s my second round recap, against Chatham gamer Russ!
Primary: Annihilation
Secondary: Capture the Relic (each terrain entered, roll and on a 6 it contained the relic. Last terrain to test held it by default if no 6 was rolled on other terrain)
Tertiary: Hold the center
Deployment: Pitched
Opponent: Imperial Guard
– 2 x Demolishers with Lascannons
– 1 Leman Russ with Heavy Bolter sponsons
– 3 x Vandettas, 1 with flamer vets, 2 with melta vets (?)
– 3 x Chimeras with demo vets inside
Initial Thoughts – I’m not going to lie – I know Russ personally, and while I know he’s a good player I really though this was a good match up for me – I mean Tau, vs Imperial Guard, pitched battle, in KILL POINTS?! I was pretty happy with that.
Game Details
Ok, so I tried turn by turning this one, and I can’t remember it closely enough for that level of detail. So I’m going to summarize the events the best I can.
Firstly, I couldn’t kill his damn vehicles to save my life. By the end of turn 3 shooting I had only managed to kill a single Chimera, and it had been wrecked only because I destroyed all its weapons and immobilized it first… Turns out, Rail guns aren’t very good at killing Leman Russes if you can’t roll a 4+ on the armour pen roll! Almost all of his vehicles were damaged, but none destroyed. Luckily by that point I hadn’t really taken too many casualties of my own, so we were pretty evenly matched. However – Russ’ third turn brought about some unfortunate events – He landed a demolisher shell in the center of my Command Squad, and although I managed to distribute the wounds nicely and only lost a single suit and a drone, I failed my leadership test and fled within 6″ of his turbo boosting Vandettas in my rear lines. Russ claims this was part of his strategy all along, and it worked incredibly well to prevent my Command Squad from rallying on my turn and fleeing off the table. He also disembarked some of the units in his Vandettas in attempt to shoot and break my Broadside – He killed a drone, but luckily I passed my panic. That turn was pretty rough for me. Luckily, on my next turn, I was able to finally land some kill shots – I dropped two Vandettas now that they didn’t have a coversave, and my Kroot came in from reserves and assaulted into the exposed Veterans. Kroot aren’t all that useful against marines, but against Imperial Guard they’re decent! I managed to eventually win combat with both my Kroot squads and claimed a couple kill points (3 actually – One squad had a Primaris Psyker). The next big kick in the balls Russ had in store for me were his demo charges – I disembarked my Fire Warrior squads in attempt to shred some guardsmen, but the retaliation meant that my super bunched units were on the receiving end of some ST 10 AP2 blasts – I crossed my fingers for the scatter both times, and both times Russ landed direct hits, splattering both entire squads.
It was a hell of a battle, much, much more difficult than I expected (Damn those guardsmen and their tanks refusing to die!). But I did manage a 7:5 win (9:7? I can’t remember). Unfortunately both Russ and I had a unit in the center of the table, so neither of us got the secondary objective, though I did at least claim my tertiary.
Oh, I should mention this game ended right after turn 5 too – Had I had some more time I might have been able to clear those guardsmen off the center, but alas… I was destined to only have 5 turns per game this tournament…
After Thoughts – So Russ put up a hell of a fight – Actually getting the upper hand when he killed my Command Squad early on. Had I not finally swung the dice gods back into my favor to start popping those vehicles I wouldn’t have been able to ahead in kill points near the end like I did. I was reminded, painfully, of the ever important rule: NEVER underestimate your opponent ( oh and never assume a ST10 AP1 shot will kill an armour 12 vehicle!). Overall it was a fantastic game and I had a lot of fun playing it. Easily one of my favorites of the tournament.

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  1. tristanmitchell July 5, 2012, 6:51 pm

    Russ – If I screwed any of the important game details up, feel free to correct me!


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