Tournament Recap: Game 1

By tristanmitchell

Although I didn’t write down or take any photos of the games, I wanted to recap my battles and my list so people could see what I ran and how successful it was for me. NOTE: Since this is from memory, I may make a mistake here and there…

Primary: Seize Ground, 4 objectives
Secondary: Kill the messenger (mine was one of my broadsides, his was unknown but I apparently killed it)
Tertiary: Kill the HQ
Deployment: Dawn of War
Opponent: Imperial Fists
– 5 Assault Terminators with Lysander and Chaplain in a LR
– 10 Marines in Rhino
– 10 Marines in Rhino
– 10 Marines on foot
– 5 Terminators deepstriking w/ heavy flamer

Initial Thoughts – After seeing his army, I was pretty happy – with no jump infantry or drop pods this was pretty much the exact set up my army excels at. Dawn of War is awesome for me too – I have blacksun filters through out my list.

Me: Deployed Command squad in mid-right ruins.
Him: Deployed a tac squad in bolstered ruins near an objective in the far right corner

Turn 1

Me: Kept Stealth Team, Fire Warriors and Kroot in reserve. Everything else came on. Broad sides evenly spaced (far left, mid, and far right). Both Crisis Teams came on, one on right side, one on left. Pathfinders came on left side and disembarked into some ruins.
Him: Kept DS Terms in reserve. Rhino came in at far left, moved 12″ towards objective. Other rhino came in at the center of the board with the LR and both moved up 12″ towards center objective. Tac squad in ruins fires a Lascannon into broadside, fails to see.

Turn 2
Me: I use Position Relay to bring in my Fire Warriors on foot, they come in behind the Pathfinder DF and embark. Broadsides and Crisis teams moved up, Broadsides fired into LR, failed to pen. Crisis teams fire into Rhinos, kill a hunter-killer and shake one. Command squad fires into Tac squad in ruins, cause 4 wounds. They hold.
Him: DS Terms don’t come in. Transports all move up. LR popped smoke, machine spirited assault cannon, no damage done. Tac squad in ruins fires a Lascannon into broadside, misses.

Turn 3
Me: I use Position Relay to bring in Stealth suits via outflank, chose right side near the runes with his Tac squad inside it. Broadsides score a couple pens on LR, he saves from smoke. Crisis teams stun the rhino in the center near the LR. Caused some more wounds on the Tac squad in the ruins, they hold.
Him: Reserves come in, Terminators DS in between my left Broadside, mid Broadside, and pathfinders. They scatter right next to the pathfinders. Raider moves up to the center objective, left Rhino moves up and is sitting on an objective now, center Rhino is stunned. Tac squad in ruins fire Lascannon at right Broadside, kills a drone, but the unit holds. The DS Terms flame the pathfinders, killing 5/6. They break.

Turn 4
Me: This is my turn to strike! I don’t use position relay this turn – My 3 remaining reserve units show up on a 2+. Kroot outflank to each side, Fire Warriors come in next to the Terms that Deepstriked and killed my pathfinders. I deploy the left side Kroot right near the Rhino that is on the left objective, and the right side Kroot right near the ruins with his tac squad (and an objective) in it. I move my Command Squad for the first time all game and jump forward towards the Land Raider – I get within 12″ hoping that I pop it so I can rapid fire my Plasma at the contents. I move my Pathfinder’s Devilfish (now transporting the Fire Warrior squad that embarked on it in turn 2) near the left objective and disembark within rapid fire range, hoping to destroy the Rhino with my Crisis teams and launch a salvo at the marines inside. Heavy Tau shooting this turn – I fire my left Broadside into the DS termies, and luck out and kill 3 (hit all, wound all, all failed invul). The Fire Warriors fire next, causing 10+ wounds and he failed his last 2 saves. My center Broadside fires into the Land Raider and destroys it. The Command squad takes the opportunity and rapid fires the Assault terms inside, inflicting several wounds (rapid fire Plasma + Missile Pods), he fails a bunch leaving both characters wounded and three terminators up. The right Broadside fires into them too, wounding Lysander again (with a drone!!). The Stealthsuits pepper the tac squad in ruins again joined by the Kroot who showed up this turn and kill all but the Sergent. He breaks (in terror!). The Crisis teams focus on the Rhino on the left objective, killing it rather early so I use the remaining team to shoot the unharmed Rhino in the distance near the center objective. I destroy it too! Lucky for him, neither squad is pinned, though the now exposed tac squad on the left objective takes a salvo from the Fire Warriors that just disembarked near them joined by the Kroot that Outflanked to that side, killing all but the Plasma cannon and a couple Marines. They hold. EPIC TURN! Oh – I jump back all my jump infantry so I’m not in assault range (Tau – Duh).
Him: His fleeing Sergeant rallies near the board edge but too far to do anything useful. His Assault terms run into the cover of the building that my Command Squad was in (and also holds the 4th objective). The tac squad on the left objective doesn’t move and instead shoots a Plasma Cannon into a Crisis team, scattering and wounding a suit. The center tac squad moves through the terrain there to get close to the objective and get in some cover, forfeiting shooting to sprint too.

Turn 5
Me: My Kroot on the right side run into the ruins and secure the objective there. They shoot and kill the Sergeant that had rallied, eliminating any further threat. The Stealthsuits switch targets and jump towards the Assault terminators in the ruins. The Kroot on the left side move into the forest and shoot the remnants of the tac squad, inflicting a couple wounds. My Command squad and Crisis teams all jump around the Assault terminators, preparing for another strong shooting phase (they hoped). Both units of Fire Warriors jump back in their Transports and fly at full speed towards the unsecured objectives, easily landing within 12″ so next turn I’ll hold them. One of my crisis suits fires at the last Tac marine with the Plasma Cannon that my Kroot didn’t kill, and he fails one of his saves, finishing off the unit. I shoot my Command Squad, Broadsides, Stealthsuits, and the rest of the Crisis suits at the Assault Terminators, killing all and the Chaplain, leaving Lysander with a single wound left. He’s still fearless.
Him: with only Lysander and a weakened Tac Squad left, things were looking grim. He fired at something, didn’t really matter.

Anyone reading this report will see that I’ve clearly controlled the battlefield most of the game and with one more turn will secure all 4 objectives and (hopefully…) cause the single wound required to finish off Lysander, securing a Max-Score result for my Tau. Unfortunately, David (the tournament organizer) opted to make this roll for us as the unbiased party, and promptly rolled a 1 (Though, with my luck I’d have rolled the same thing, but it’s much more comforting to blame David). Thus the game ended with me controlling only a single objective (my Kroot were 4″ away and my two Firewarrior teams in Devilfishs were ~9″ away… One more turn of movement) and not killing my enemy’s HQ (He had but one wound left..), meaning we DREW for the Primary Objective (what?!) and I failed my Tertiary Objective. Luckily I did apparently kill his messenger (though I don’t know who it was…) so succeeded in my Secondary Objective. I think the official label was “Minor Victory”.

After Thoughts – This was pretty much a perfect game… despite it taking me 3 turns to get his LR, I still think I controlled the game and the battlefield pretty well. My opponent was, unfortunately, not only not experienced fighting Tau but also had a list that was poorly equipped to fighting Tau. Fortunately, they game was quick, light hearted, and overall a lot of fun (I think for both of us – My opponent took his rather heavy losses quite well).


  1. jason June 26, 2012, 7:30 pm

    sounds like it wuz a good time
    who won & wut army did they play???

    • tristanmitchell June 26, 2012, 7:34 pm

      Joe Nixon won, playing Necrons, followed by Dan Platt, playing Necons also. Third place was Andrew Gibson, playing Orks.

  2. Russell June 27, 2012, 5:43 am

    Lets hear about Round 2.

    • tristanmitchell June 30, 2012, 4:25 pm

      Hells yes Russ!
      Though I’m recovering from a horrible gastro-intestinal virus that’s had me bedridden for the last 5 days, so it might take a few more days before I’m back on track.


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