By tristanmitchell


My Stealthsuits are a lot of fun now that I’ve found how to use them more effectively – I always used to run the champion with a fusion blaster (the picture shows him armed this way – I actually have that weapon magnetized to change to a Burst Cannon too) hoping to blow up a Land Raider or something with it, but more often than not I’d miss my shot, fail to penetrate, or botch the damage roll and the unit would get mauled in retaliation. Now I just leave them completely bare-boned – Just running them with their standard Burst cannon. This is cheap and still very useful, and less temping to put them in dangerous situations. I can comfortably run them around at the 18-24″ range, only jumping in gun range to shoot, then jumping back in the assault phase. They’re a small, mobile support unit able to lend their 15 ST5 shots wherever I need the firepower.

In bigger games (around the 2k mark) I give them Targetting Arrays – this is quite a pricey upgrade but it makes them a lot more effect and I don’t have that many Tau models so I need the point filler to get to 2k.

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