My 1850 GK Tourny List

By tristanmitchell

Ok, so normally when I go to a tournament I play a lot of test games but keep my list relatively quiet – Since I can’t play nearly as many test games as I like, I thought I’d post my list here for feedback.

The idea is to have a competitive, yet fun list – This will be my third tournament as Grey Knights – My first two lists were very successful but I like to run something different every time. My first list was a Crowe list, my second was a 10 paladin + Coteaz list.
This time around I’m not running any special characters – Just regular old Grey Knights.

Grand Master – Blind Grenades, Master Crafted force sword.
Librarian – Sanctuary, Summoning, Warp Rift, and Shrouding. Master crafted force sword.
5 Paladins – Banner, Incinerator, Stave, Psycannon, Master Crafted Hammer
10 Purifiers – 2 Incinerators, 2 Psycannons, Master Crafted Hammer, Stave, Rhino
5 Strike – Barebones
5 Terminators – Incinerator, Stave, Master crafted Hammer
Storm Raven – Twin Linked Lascannon, Twin Linked Multimelta
Land Raider Redeemer – Multimelta, Twin Linked Assault Cannon w/Psybolt ammo.

Highlights of the list:
– Versatility in deployment – I have 2 non-dedicated transports and lots of deep strike potential, so I can change up my deployment based on my enemy. Most likely I will combat squad my Purifiers and deploy the Psycannon portion in the Rhino, and the other 5 in the Storm Raven with the Grand Master. I’d put the Paladins in the Land Raider with the Lib, and deep strike the Terminators and Strike Squad. Though it’s likely the Strike Squad wouldn’t be used in an offensive role – They’re pretty much just a troop and Deep Strike defense. Now, if I’m playing against a list with Drop Pod Stern Guard (and get first turn) I’d put my Strike squad in the Landraider and broadcast Warp Quake to protect it. I could then put my Paladins in the Storm Raven and not combat squad the Purifiers and put them all in the Rhino. Or, I could put the offensive half in the Rhino and put the shooty half in cover to shoot most of the game. Regardless – You see what I mean by having options.
– Well Rounded – I have horde defense (lots of flamers, purifiers), Decent anti tank (4 Psycannons, 2 Multimeltas, 1 Lascannon), good close combat (Paladins, Purifiers, couple staves), good psychic options and defense, and I HOPE to have a decent amount of troops (2 base, with Master Strategist to hopefully make my Paladins and Purifiers troops too). I’ve also got good speed to get my CC stuff close if I’m facing a campy enemy.

– Tank Spam – I don’t have enough anti tank to deal with a tank spam list like Mech Guard or some of the vehicle spam Necron lists.
– Heavy Shooting – I have a lot of points invested in my transports and paladins – I’m hoping that I can survive long enough to get across the board, but in my only test game I faced a shooty Dark Eldar list and it tore me apart. Lance weapons, melta weapons, and any list with a lot of St 8 AP 2 weapons is generally not good for me. Though, I have changed my list a bit since that game, so a rematch would be in order 😉


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