Hammerhead Gunship

By tristanmitchell


The Hammerhead is an interesting unit. It’s quite effective, but I find that it’s much more feared by my opponents than it should be… Personally I would find a Leman Russ more threatening … maybe unless you’re fielding a Land Raider and the Rail Gun is what you’re afraid of – In which case my Broadsides are much better for popping high armour targets than my Hammerhead. This high level of fear normally results in my Hammerhead being a high priority target, which I don’t actually mind since it has decent survivability and generally requires a lot of firepower to bring it down – Firepower that I like to keep off my battlesuits!


  1. Murat April 12, 2013, 8:38 pm

    Do you have a list of colors you used for your paint scheme for Tau. Love the colors. Just got a new army and would love to paint it these colors…

    Thanks. Army looks awesome by the way…

    • tristanmitchell April 12, 2013, 10:32 pm


      The scheme is made up of 5 main colors – Black, Dark Grey, Light Grey, White, and Bleached Bone.
      The Black, White, and Bleached Bone are standard GW colors (renamed now with the new paint release)
      The dark grey and light grey were made by mixing – I made sure to mix a large quantity in an old (cleaned) paint jar so I could use it for the whole army and not have to re-mix it every time.

      I also used gold (Shining gold at the time – it’s been renamed now) over a black undercoat for the gold detail work.


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