Firewarriors (Pulse Carbines)

By tristanmitchell


I assembled this squad with Pulse Carbines before I had played a lot of games as Tau, so the decision was primarily for appearance and variety. Most lists online ignore Pulse Carbines, but I’ve been inclined to use them since my models have them. Interestingly enough, I like them a lot! When not being deployed in a transport, the Pulse Carbines are a great choice because it gives them mobility. Being able to move and shoot is very important, especially for Tau. While their range is considerably shorter (only 18″) it’s far enough that against normal infantry you can stay out of range while continuing to shoot. The other awesome thing about Carbines is they’re pinning – While this isn’t reliable, it sure is helpful. It’s saved my butt more than once to pin a troublesome unit that I’m having a tough time dealing with. Pinning is great because it buys you time – Which is exactly what Tau need! More time to shoot!

In my last tournament, I actually used mixed combinations of Rifles and Carbines in my Firewarrior units (who were in transports). I ran 8 Rifles and 4 Carbines in each squad, so when I disembarked to unload a salvo, I would still get a healthy 20 shots, but I’d also have 4 pinning shots that was just the right number to expect a wound to get through. If I REALLY need a pin, I’ll sometimes use my market light hits from my Sky Ray to reduce the target’s LD.

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