Crisis Team

By tristanmitchell


This Crisis team is a bit old – I don’t normally run that armament anymore as I found the twin-linked flamers would cause me to put the squad in a position that would get them killed. They were effective but it was almost always a trade-off scenario, which isn’t ideal for Tau. The typical scenario would be to deepstrike them next to a Space Marine squad sitting on an objective, flame them, and hope they all die as the Sergeant with the Powerfist can single-handedly kill the whole squad (which rarely happened and resulted in my Crisis Team dead). And that’s assuming I didn’t scatter out of flamer range, or worse, onto the target squad itself!

Now I generally run them with Twin-Linked Missile Pods and a flamer – Purely to keep them cheap and give them one of the most effective weapons available to me. Their BS of 3 is offset by the twinlinked factor, and the large range of 36″ allows me to keep them well away from trouble.

Granted, the last time I played Tau heavily everyone was playing mechanized lists, so my heavy use of Missile Pods might have been a result of that.

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