By tristanmitchell


I love Broadsides. It’s too bad they’re so many points – I would bring 3 to every game if it wasn’t 225 points+. When I first started playing Tau I always gave these guys Multi-trackers so they could fire both their weapons, but now I’ve found the stabilizers so much more useful – Being able to move and fire is very important, especially when facing a good player. I need to be able to move to get line-of-sight to my key targets, or negate their coversave. I also need to be able to move away from assaulters – Even if I can only avoid them for one turn, it’s one extra turn of shooting (which is often enough – Few units survive being a priority Tau target for long!). An upgrade I like to give the champion is a Blacksun filter – It’s super cheap, and doubling the distance rolled for the nightfight is VERY powerful, especially when armed with a Railgun.

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