Vindicare Assassin

By tristanmitchell


I LOVE my Vindicare Assasin. These guys are so useful – They are the best ranged anti-tank weapon you have, great at protecting your units from powerfist-weilding champions, and absolutely devastating to characters that rely on a good invulnerable save (like Vulcan, Archons, etc). Their only weakness is that a smart opponent will target them – Their new rules made them more offensively powerful, but took away their best defense – They no longer inflict night-fight rules when being shot at, meaning they can be shot very easily now. Luckily they do have stealth and a decent statline, so if they’re in cover (they should be!) they’ll have a 3+ cover save with T4 and 2 wounds. It’ll take a bit of focused fire to bring them down, but trust me – If you don’t kill a Vindicare quickly you’ll wish you did by the end of the game.

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