By tristanmitchell


I almost always leave my Terminator unit in reserve to deep strike near an objective – As a troop unit and in terminator armour, they’re great for it. I like running the Nemesis Warding Staff as they can’t get any other improved anti-armour defense (like Storm Shields) and a 2+ invulnerable save almost always means I’ll have at least ONE survivor from a bad match-up. I guess I could also run with with Nemesis Swords to boost their invulnerable save to 4+, but I love of the halberds and the +2 initiative is amazing. I consider a Nemesis Hammer an essential upgrade to ward off any aggressive walkers or monstrous creatures, as well as giving the unit the potential to bust tanks. I also upgrade the hammer to Mastercrafted – Hammer attacks are much too valuable to miss!
Lastly, I like to give them an Incinerator too. They’re super cheap, very effective, and as I’m always deep striking it’s useful to have a template weapon I can drop on a nasty infantry unit if really needed.

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