Sky Ray Gunship

By tristanmitchell


My Sky Ray almost always makes it into my list, which is largely due to the fact that I love the model. It’s unfortunately not all that good and very expensive point-wise (it’s almost as much as a Hammerhead!), but it looks bad ass and that’s good enough for me. It’s also pretty fun – The mechanics for it are interesting and versatile – I can fire off any of my missiles using any markerlight hit … Though I find markerlights a bit expensive so I don’t run a lot on my infantry normally. Luckily the Sky Ray itself has 2 markerlights (that count as defensive weapons!) so it can trigger its own missile launches if needed. The other cool part is if I don’t need the markerlights to fire missiles, I can use them to augment the rest of my army – Improving BS, reducing cover, or even reducing LD for pinning tests.
The other handy thing is that most of my opponents know the Sky Ray isn’t really all that threatening and ignore it until my Hammerhead and Broadsides are dead – Especially since it’s just as hard to kill as a Hammerhead. That means it’s almost always still fully functional near the end of the game and useful for contesting objectives or providing cover to my other units.

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