Purifiers (assault)

By tristanmitchell


This is the ‘assault’ combat squad of one of my purifier units. It seems I made a small mistake in the photo – I run this squad with one incinerator, not two. I always take the nemesis demon hammer (and master-craft it!) so the unit has some anti-tank/walker utility, and the staff ensures they can even weather a few power weapon attacks (like champions with powerfists or agonizers). This is a great assault unit that can tackle almost any foe- Against large units the purify psychic power (that happens before attacks!) works wonders, against smaller elite units their power weapons and high initiative really shines, and even against monsters or walkers the Daemon hammer and staff help to do some damage while hopefully staying alive (for a round at least). Though, their biggest weakness by far is their unit size – Only having 5 models means the unit can die VERY quickly to shooting, which is why I run them in a razorback or rhino.

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