By tristanmitchell


I run my Paladins pretty loaded – A Nemesis Warding Staff, Hammer (mastercrafted!), Apothecary, Banner, Incinerator, and Psycannon. They’re a pretty expensive unit, but they are both incredibly resilient and destructive. I almost always load them into my Landraider or Storm Raven, as I use my Paladins to smash the hardest enemy units and objectives I can. The psycannon comes in handy for popping transports when the Paladins want to engage the juicy occupants, or throwing a wound or two on whatever monster they’re about to assault. The Banner I run now is a recent addition – I never used to run it until I played a couple games against Tyranids and struggled to activate my force weapons – The +1 attack the banner gives is secondary compared to the usefulness of auto-activating your force weapons! This takes a lot of punishment but almost always survives the game – it’s pretty hard to cause 10 wounds on a 2+ armour save, 5+ invul save, 4+ FNP unit! Oh, and I normally attach my librarian to this squad – Ensuring they have the shrouding (or their transport has it) is essential.

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