By tristanmitchell


I love Grey Knight Librarians. Their psychic powers are more than useful – They’re essential (at least in my opinion). I normally run with Shrouding, Sanctuary, Warp Rift and then depending on how I’m feeling or the list I’ve created I’ll mix in Might of Titans, Quicksilver, and Summoning as needed. In the photo he’s got 2 servo skulls with him – I actually have 3, though I don’t use them all that often anymore. I created them back when I though their scatter reduction worked for the orbital bombardment, and although they’re still useful after the FAQ proved they did not I don’t run them as much. I almost always give this guy a Nemesis Warding staff if I can afford it – He’s awesome to detach and run into a Hive Tyrant or Daemon Prince – He’ll rarely die, normally ties them up for most of the game, and sometimes even wins!

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