Landraider Redeemer

By tristanmitchell


I must admit, I never used to like Landraiders. I’m not sure when that opinion changed, but it did. Now I love my Landraider and do my best to keep it in my army when I can. I think it’s a lore thing- they’re such a staple model for Space Marine lore. I even picked up the Forge World upgrade kit to change my Flamestorm Cannons into Heavy Incinerators and my Assault Cannon into a Psycannon (with psybolt ammunition so the stats are the same). In-game, I use my Landraider to provide cover for other troops/tanks and to assault the heaviest fortified enemy positions. Although it’s quite easy to destroy with Melta guns, I find that a well-timed smoke launch can normally keep it alive long enough to deliver its cargo and even do some shooting. Paired with “Shrouding” from the Librarian I normally have inside, it has a 3+ coversave for 1 turn which surely doesn’t make it invincible, but definitely makes your opponent think twice about potentially wasting those high-quality shots.

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