Firewarriors (Pulse Rifles)

By tristanmitchell


My Firewarriors are always useful. Though notoriously useless in close combat they are one of the best shooty troop in the game – Sporting 30″ range, ST5 rapid fire weapons. They aren’t too durable however, so I normally run them in Devilfish transports to keep them safe until there is a juicy target available they can destroy without fear of retaliation or an objective I need them to hold. Luckily their transports are pretty durable – Front armour 12 and Disruption Pods (gaining a cover save when shot from over 12″ away) means my opponent will have to commit some pretty valuable firepower (or a single very lucky shot!) to expect to destroy it.
One of my favored uses for this squad is to mark a target with my Sky Ray and then disembark this unit within rapid fire range. If I’m lucky enough to get both Markerlight hits from the Sky Ray, that means this unit will put out 24 BS 5, ST 5 shots. Even Space Marines will take (on average) 13 wounds from that barrage (leading to a hell of an armour save roll) and a lesser unit like Gaunts or Orks would be shredded.

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