Crisis Command Squad

By tristanmitchell


This is my mainstay Crisis Team – I almost always include it or some variant of it in my army. In bigger games I will use the squad as a Commander and 2 bodyguard, taking hardwired Multitrackers so they can all fire both weapons and Targeting Arrays so they are at BS4. Oh, and Target Locks so they can shoot different units. In smaller games I will run them as a Crisis Team of 2 led by a commander. This saves a lot of points but I sacrifice either the Targeting Array or Multitracker – Normally the Multitracker. The important parts always stay the same though – each armed with a Missle Pod and Plasma Rifle, and the Commander with a Drone Controller and 2 Shield Drones. This is my elite shooting unit – It can target light-medium vehicles, monsters and heavy infantry and generally cause a good amount of damage. It also has long range – Essential when playing Tau!

The arm and shoulder mount points are all magnetized.

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