First Warhammer Day Recap

By tristanmitchell

This image wasn't really during a battle, so it doesn't say much other than "There were Necrons and Dice"

Thanks to everyone who came out Sunday for Warhammer – Especially the ones from Chatham! I appreciate you guys making the trek. Much fun was had by all!


I’d like to eventually document the battles so I can create reports, but it was over 4 weeks since I’d played a game and I was much to eager to play to do something smart like take photos or write down turn summaries…

However, I do have a review of each battle:

Joe’s Grey Knight Henchman list vs Andrew’s Imperial Guard

– Andrew managed to kill off all Joe’s assassin squads of death and even killed a librarian in terminator armour with mere guardsmen, but in the end Joe had killed too much too fast and ended with more kill points.


Tristan’s Necrons vs Mark’s Dark Eldar

– Mark started strong by stealing the initiative and killing off almost an entire squad first turn, but his luck seemed to end there. The game ended with most of my Necron army sprawled across the board and only a few Wyches stuck in an eternal combat against Necron warriors. Though, I do need to mention that Mark’s noble character forced him to aid his opponent with several missed opportunities and general forgetfulness that I’m prone to (especially being so long since I played!).


Chris’ Invincible Daemons vs Tylor’s Dark Eldar

– Though I’m not actually sure who won this game, I know it was a great learning experience for both players – Chris learned that Razorwings are evil, and Tylor learned Fateweaver needs to die before anything around him will! Oh, and I think Chris realized his army is SLOW! Chasing fast vehicles all game wasn’t very effective!


Tristan’s Necrons vs Joe’s Grey Knight Henchman

– I most definitely lucked out by destroying both Joe’s Storm Ravens on turn one, even through their 3+ coversave! From there it was a tough battle – Anything the Assassin squads touched died, including my Necron Lord (twice! He got back up only to die again…) Luckily I had much superior numbers – 40 Warriors can put out a lot of pretty high quality shots, and the quantity of saves he had to take was eventually too much. Having blunted his initial assault, he had to rely on his warrior henchmen squads which were actually surprisingly effective, and it all came down to a leadership test to see if his contesting warrior henchmen squad would break from shooting casualties – The dice came up an 11! Not even brain-dead Necrons would have passed that one! So I managed a minor victory, 2 objectives to 1.


Overall it was a great day and we had some great battles – I have big plans for new battle boards and tournaments, but for now a good ol’ Warhammer day was a great reminder of why I love this hobby!


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  1. TYLoR April 28, 2012, 11:26 pm

    fatewaever is not cool at all LOL I will bring you your templates soon k, lol


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