Fireforge Games – Part 2

By tristanmitchell

So a couple weeks ago I blogged about the Teutonic Knights kit by Fireforge Games. Well, they’ve since released their two other kits (that I was aware of but had no idea they were so close to release when I wrote about them earlier).

These two new kits are not only excellently dynamic and epic looking but offer a good amount of variance in the models.

Personally, I see them as amazing models for a medieval themed Warhammer Ancient Army – But you could also use them as cheap and unique Bretonnian models:

Teutonic Knights “counts as” Grail Knights

Templar Knights “counts as” Knights of the Realm

Mounted Sergeants “counts as” Mounted Squires or Knights Errant


Now these models are already very cheap, but I found a special on them at Wayland Games for only £16.00 (about $25 CAD), for 12 mounted models. That’s pretty awesome!

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  1. Eric April 26, 2012, 7:51 pm

    Once I get a raise (and most importantly, some more spare time!) I definitely am going to look further into these 3 knight sets! Maybe I’ll dust off the old Brets. 😉


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